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Hi Strangers,

We are currently upgrading our website (I’m not sure its an upgrading or  a totally reconstruct? or deconstruct? hahhaha). Our previous lovely website are closed to allow our new (test-mode) website to breath. We are launching our new website on 1st June, with more collection from our previous precious years. We love photography, we love art,and yes we love designs.

For those who are interested to be experimented (with cash in hands, of course! hahahaahah) can directly contact our ambitious photographer/designer mr Airul Azli at 017.224.2974 or can email us at

Feel free to give comments on our new baby (test-mode web) through this blog. Your comments/critics are so much appreciated. Thanks in advance.







  1. Hello…i’m not a stranger… congratulations on the effort to put up the website…. it’s speaks through the pictures…

    1 comment – the front buttons… it’s direct somehow…can confuse people as well… hehehe… u know some people are text oriented when it comes to website!

    anyway….congratsss rupajiwa!!

  2. weii…rupajiwa…pekebende ni…website ni….bolot serong…kemas ah skit baru chantekkkk…anyway la baru buat bisness…ade website shendiri…dok ah nuuppang hok orang kaang!…maca hok orang lain rhoyat ah..buttang deppang tu…kena edjah skit….kalu buleh chomel ngan workable…wokehh..congrattsszz

  3. omedetou gozaimasu…
    cayokk cayokk…
    bila mung nak amik aku jadi model?
    dah setahung aku tanya soklan sama

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