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photo by Rupajiwa

something nice from LouBedlam I would like to share;

I think about this a lot, see. Photography. People. There are people out there I think about constantly, if only to figure out how to shoot them correctly. They don’t know it, but I have been working out in my head how to shoot them since the last time I saw them, and next time i see them, it’s gonna be magic

We discussed that very thing. Passion. That if you’re not thinking about photography all the time, then it’s not your passion. It’s just something you do. And you should probably be doing something else, something you DO think about all the time.

That there are many many many people out there who consider themselves photographers because it’s accessible, because it’s not all that hard to take a decent shot.

But those people are wasting their time. Because it is not their passion. It is just a thing they enjoy.

Their passion is out there, waiting for them, while they waste their time.

Is a life without passion a wasted life?

{oooh, deep}



  1. Apa kabare kawan2 lama… makin kencang buisness anda… bagus2… good luck…

  2. thank you balak!
    mehla studio.. lepak2 sembang,

  3. dlm statement ni bro…
    aku stuju.. 😉

  4. hehehe thankyou, statement ni pun dari Lou Bedlam.
    yelar tak semua orang passionate, tapi yg passionate pun kadang2 belum tentu ‘dapat’ apa yang dia nak.

    orait bro!

  5. Dalam2 falsapah LouBedlam ni… aku setuju sgt…

  6. yes…agreed…but, all life arent wasted if dont hv any passion. They call it enjoying their life…life to the fullest… 😉

  7. hahahahaha, thanks for the thought salutesalma!

  8. Life without passion is a dull life but not necessarily wasted; it is just not fully utilised. It is like a half empty glass..Neither here nor there..

    Life without purpose is definitely a waste..It maybe full but full of crap..

    But who am I to talk about life; mine only just begun..
    Enjoy life..go out and take more pictures..

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