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Family, friends, ex clients, clients and future clients.

2 bad things happened this month.

1. We’ve just had a break-in at our studio. Someone stole the internet modem {bodoh!} and set of friend’s Hotwheel collections {sigh!sorry ye cik fatiha. :(}, dvd burner and a few unimportant items. Yeah. We had this experience before when someone stolen our gadget in our previous studio at Taman Melawati. But the show must go on.

2. Well, another one is Jo Ghazali or also known as Jalo officially resigned from Rupajiwa Studio. Its really a sad news to us, yeah..but the show must go on. { oh, he is working on something else. He is really talented, that is sure! Wish him luck guys !! }


Black May!
But The Show Must Go On! InsyaAllah.
Rupajiwa Studio

{wan fuad finally, finally and finally join in Rupajiwa Studio as full time project director/photographer. You can contact him at 012.915.4424. Thanks!!!}



  1. all the best guys…..
    fuad…. good luck…. i know u can do it …..
    pandang depan.. jangan pandang belakang congkak…..
    keh keh keh….

    ada aktiviti kasitau weh…..

  2. terima kasih torot!!

    ada aktiviti pasti kasik tau! ahhahahahaha
    kalau ada rasa nak shoot studio pun datangla..

    thanks! 🙂

  3. All the best to Rupajiwa…!!! Yeah…The show must go on !!

    Jengga kat studio tu nasib baik tak kena ghembat…bleh anak aku main2 lagik…kehkehkeh

  4. the show must go on, have faith in God and you are safe, not to worry of things happening on the way, that is what you call life, the show must go on…
    you can doit, l know, you can doit, have fait in God

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