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hi visitors.

Rupajiwa Studio is now run by 2 person only; Airul Azli and Wan Fuad. All contact, queries and quotations are to be directed to them only.
You can get us at 017.224.9424 (Airulazli) and 012.915.4424 (Wan Fuad) or email us at

you can view our works at
and this blog – of course! {yeah, a very ‘slow’ blog for photographers – but we are catching up!! :)}

To Our Clients; We are upgrading our system in order to be more efficient to you guys. Sorry for the lateness {of course no excuses but we are really working very hard to make sure you are fully satisfied with our artworks}. A thousand thanks for being patient and believe in us. Thank You!
To Those Who Interested; We are now looking for part time editor to help us bring more smiles to our clients. if you’re interested please contact us via email. And of course you can post some of your very beautiful works for our perusal. (basic understanding of composition for the layout is a MUST!!)
To Our Future Clients; Please do not hesitate to call us for any queries about our services, and have a nice day!

Rupajiwa Studio



  1. buley sy kirja sama kamu??, hehehehe…

  2. aih, bahaya nih. hahaha ko dah level lain. tapi kalau nak collaborate no problem! 🙂

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