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She has responded to our advertisement, earlier this year.
We haven’t respond back until 4 weeks ago, and the appointment was set.
The interview ends with watching The Fall {a beautiful movie by Tarseem Singh}.
We gave her a task. A simple task but not so easy to do. A hundred photos of Kuala Lumpur in 2 weeks with her 50mm. Yup, only using 50mm.
She done her job, not as expected, but turns out quite well. Say, she really done her job amazingly. We really appreciate every step she took to achieve what has presented to us, and the presentation is beautifully done! We Love It!

Zalikha, welcome to the family!

p/s: do remember to buy coffee for the studio! hahahahah



  1. yea! yea! berjaya! welkang..welkang

  2. Wishing you every success Rupajiwa. Cheers!

  3. demit! u have the fallen? awat tak habaq? bagi aku pinjam

  4. thanks ezwan! We appreciate it very much!

    jim: weh, lama tak menapak studio? mehla layan movie hu hu hu

  5. give me a task rupajiwa…i wanna be apart of da family! 😉

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