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A few shots from the wedding of Ain+Anas, at Bagan Lalang on 5th & 6th December 09.
Congratulations from us Rupajiwa Studio!

makeup session.

akad 🙂

sanding malam, more to majlis berinai.

with her happy sisters.

and with her soulmate! Natasha a designer from Salikin Sidek. a very nice person that help us a lot. thanks natasha, nice meetinggg yoouuu! hahah



    • nathasha mohd fadzil
    • Posted December 7, 2009 at 10:56 am
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    yeah, it’s REALLY NICE meeting you…hahah REALLY! especially when MY photos berlambak lambak kat camera you..hehe..jgn boring pulak ye…btw,nice shots…congratulations to ain & anas.. love you both to death! and thanks to mr.fuad for making my frens happy with your talented work.. \(‘-‘)/

  1. waaaaa weeee …cant hardly wait fr d rest ni…..:)))

  2. natasha: benefits of being the pengapit, gambar you akan banyak! hahaha

    sara: thanks sara! 😀 nanti dah siap layout kitaorang upload lagi..

  3. nice shots mr cameraman yang sporting! congrats again & anas ❤

  4. yeayyyy!! kami pon xsabar menunggu!!!! congratssss to bubuq and sergeant hassan!!

  5. Zati: thanks sebab sudi melawat. 🙂

    silentyash: yeayy. err. tunggu dulu. fuh!

  6. omg omg omg mcm nk nangis tgk gmbr dh siap! hahahah emo. tx a lot fuad!! u r the man! aiceh ;p x sabar nk tunggu yg lain. apa2 pon tx a lot again for making my dream of having a very nice wedding picture come true!! and to chot, sarah, yash and zati..i love u all too! thanks!!

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