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published in D+A magazine by Key Editions Pte Ltd Issue 053.2010

Project by Syarikat Pembenaan YTL Sdn Bhd.
Photography by Rupajiwa Studio {They credited this to Wan Ahmad Fuad instead of the company. We don’t know why. :)}

Team: Wan Fuad, Airul Azli & Nur Zalikha

the photos:



  1. thumbs up!

  2. thanks azamhashim!

  3. wan ahmad fuad?

  4. salute!

  5. chill out guys!
    wan fuad = rupajiwa
    rupajiwa = bunch of talented DNAs

  6. duri: yup. hu hu
    archiprez: salute balik! thanks bro!
    hckan: hahahah nothingla, just wondering.
    anyway, thanks to you kan! tqvm! 🙂

  7. cunzz 😉

  8. thanks radin!

  9. bole tanya. ada floor plan of this wimax building x dgn measurement? saya architecture student doing a site analysis about the building now. tapi x dapat cari magazine nih. this blog satu satunya information yang saya dapat.

  10. ling: sorry for the late reply. you can ask the plan or anything related to the building from Syarikat Pembenaan YTL Sdn Bhd. We are only the photographers. Wish you luck!

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