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It has been almost 4 and half months since our last updates. We are so busy concentrate to our works and yet forget to update any recent works for our present/future clients (not enough manpower? maybe. :)) . We are so sorry for any inconvenience, trouble, anything caused by us months back!

We are back! haha, and for Ramadhan (next week!!) Rupajiwa Wedding Division can rest for a while (shooting-la, editing still need to be done- err, and not for other division). We are re-structuring some part of our organization to allow for some expansion now, and later we might announce some new face with new energy as part of the Rupajiwa family.

2 most busy months for us, – June for Inventing A Sensory Utopia presentation and July for 2 collaboration works with Space Gambus Experiment titled Form, De-Form, Re-Form. And we were invited to do a screening of ‘Inventing A Sensory Utopia‘ again at The Republik Studio. We’ll update the date later, maybe after Aidilfitri.

So keep on visit us for any updates/promo/etc.

not to forget congrats to Kukubesi & Chottouch for the Haluan Kiri Book Launching and Udey Ismail for ‘A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words’ book launching.

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!

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