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Architecture by Bilkey Llinas Design
Project Architect GDP Architects Sdn Bhd

©2012Rupajiwa Studio/GDP Architects Sdn Bhd

5 years, more than 70 buildings shot taken. what else could we say?

Yesterday, it’s an amazing experience, we were dealing with professionals here in Malaysia and even Mr Architects from overseas, walked through fantastic architecture for every single details you can imagine. Today, we still sense the same smell. the smell of beauty and ultimate craft of design. The smell of wonders, joy and inspiration. And Tomorrow, Tomorrow we will be reminded that life is precious. Tomorrow the sun will rise on a new day.  Tomorrow we must choose to not lose hope for a brighter future. Tomorrow we must continue our journey, for a never-ending journey of joy, finding our inspiration. InsyaAllah! 


by GDP Architects Sdn Bhd

published in D+A magazine by Key Editions Pte Ltd Issue 053.2010

Project by Syarikat Pembenaan YTL Sdn Bhd.
Photography by Rupajiwa Studio {They credited this to Wan Ahmad Fuad instead of the company. We don’t know why. :)}

Team: Wan Fuad, Airul Azli & Nur Zalikha

the photos: