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Tag Archives: form de-form re-form

world order, world dis-order, known to be formed in most chaotic order.
form, in the form of building, travelling, discovering from the body of human.
spreading, spinning to a ball of light.

dance, dance, dancing in order to obey the dis-order.
and at the end, its just a long soap opera, as we know it.

Space Gambus Experiment X Rupajiwa
©2010 SpaceGambusExperiment/RupajiwaStudio


Malaysia-Japan Video Art Xchange, National Art Gallery, July 31, 2010, 8.30pm

poster design by Kamal Sabran.

We are so delightful to be invited by Kamal Sabran (Space Gambus Experiment) to collaborate for the show. Still the same visual from Maps KL last Sunday, but this time the ‘experience’ will be mixed live by Kataro Tanaka, a video artist from Japan. Other contributors/collectives body are Katsuyuki Hattori (brain for the project) & Zubin Mohamad (dancer).