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Architecture by Bilkey Llinas Design
Project Architect GDP Architects Sdn Bhd

©2012Rupajiwa Studio/GDP Architects Sdn Bhd

5 years, more than 70 buildings shot taken. what else could we say?

Yesterday, it’s an amazing experience, we were dealing with professionals here in Malaysia and even Mr Architects from overseas, walked through fantastic architecture for every single details you can imagine. Today, we still sense the same smell. the smell of beauty and ultimate craft of design. The smell of wonders, joy and inspiration. And Tomorrow, Tomorrow we will be reminded that life is precious. Tomorrow the sun will rise on a new day.  Tomorrow we must choose to not lose hope for a brighter future. Tomorrow we must continue our journey, for a never-ending journey of joy, finding our inspiration. InsyaAllah! 

Looking for junior graphic designer, to join our ship in the quest for unimaginable treasure at the border-less sea !

Any interested sailor can email the cv/portfolio to our mail box :

Interested sailors minimum requirement: Illustrator&Photoshop

world order, world dis-order, known to be formed in most chaotic order.
form, in the form of building, travelling, discovering from the body of human.
spreading, spinning to a ball of light.

dance, dance, dancing in order to obey the dis-order.
and at the end, its just a long soap opera, as we know it.

Space Gambus Experiment X Rupajiwa
©2010 SpaceGambusExperiment/RupajiwaStudio

Our 2010, end with cover for the last issue of KLue Magazine (lifestyle magazine for Kuala Lumpur). photographed 3 iconic figure (in their own genre), Dato Feridah Merican, Yuna and Namawee, make us really enjoy and proud of our each every own works and being published as cover for the last issue is one of the honorable awards that rarely given. And spread for inside articles are additional supportive enjoyment to bring forward in our own journey.

Our 2011, had opened so brightly, in such a welcome wave of 2011 sunshine, opened with 5 spread of @7 Persiaran Batai Barat by Ziggurat Sdn Bhd, published in d+a (Design And Architecture. d+a is a Singapore-based bimonthly magazine featuring works of exceptional architecture and interior design by outstanding talents from Asia and the West). being published again in an international magazine like D+A, brings hope and new challenge for us, as to establish and sustain in architecture/interior photography business is not easy, not as easy as wedding photography business.

2011, less words.
2011, more actions.

2011, opening band for the sun.

Salam & Hello.

We have set a new account solely for wedding services/packages.
To contact us with inquiries about wedding packages/date, please send an email to

Have A Nice Day!



Shoot On Location At Wangsa Maju
Hair/Stylist By Noel Wan
Assit By Kadir Chan

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Malaysia-Japan Video Art Xchange, National Art Gallery, July 31, 2010, 8.30pm

poster design by Kamal Sabran.

We are so delightful to be invited by Kamal Sabran (Space Gambus Experiment) to collaborate for the show. Still the same visual from Maps KL last Sunday, but this time the ‘experience’ will be mixed live by Kataro Tanaka, a video artist from Japan. Other contributors/collectives body are Katsuyuki Hattori (brain for the project) & Zubin Mohamad (dancer).

Malaysian Label Charcoals By Raja Susrina Khalid
Spread In Juice Magazine July 2010 with talented fashion photographer Bibo Aswan

the rest of photos

Stylist By Raja Susrina Khalid + Silas Liew
Make Up By Rachel Wong
Models Are Raessa + Rory Jones
Photographer Are AirulAzli + WanFuad
Photographer Assistant Is Fizree Aziz