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This Is Wan Fuad W Abd Rahman {director}
he leans towards the artistic side of photography, imbuing a conceptual bend to his works.

This Is Airul Azli M. Kamal {director}
who distills the essence of his subjects into moving, iconic imagery that is his portraiture.

This Is Izzat Yusoff {associates}
when it comes to wedding photography, this fellow is no green horn.

This Is Kusha
who is just joined us as senior photographer.

This Is Adifitri Ahmad {super-designer}
who is hopeless with the camera. So he draws and design graphics instead.

This Is Fakhrul Fauzi
who is our junior photographer.

This Is Ismed Chayadie
new junior photographer.

This Is Nur Zalikha Sabri
our only lady in the family. our apprentice.

This Is Fizree
trainee for 4 months. We don’t think its enough.

This Is Rupajiwa

a rather decent company, really. No, seriously!



  1. Stail² rambut yg sgt istimewa. Hehehe

  2. Yes, kami decent, saya mengaku.. 🙂

  3. hi, nak tanye how much do you charge for slemnization n reception?

  4. salam Zuhaira,

    kita ada buat promotion utk 2010, utk junior photographer RM1950 utk solemnization, reception + 1 Album Storyboard.

    Senior Photographer RM2750 utk kategori yg sama.


  5. salam,
    i nk tnya berapa u charge for reception malam at dewan…ada promotion ke

    kindly email to me

  6. En Zul,
    sila email kepada sertakan tarikh, dan tempat. terima kasih.


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